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Real Estate Investing Consultant Services for New York
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About Us

REIA NYC is about inspiring others, ingenuity, and forward-thinking solutions. We
offer a platform where successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs can
assist others looking to reach similar goals. We inspire each other by sharing
our stories of success and the challenges that we’ve overcome. REIA NYC provi-
des the means to do this.

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If you’d like to learn more about our real estate investing consultant solutions in
New York and beyond, watch our story through the link below. Take the first step
toward controlling your financial future by exploring how real estate investing
consultant services can benefit you.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

To develop, support and promote real estate investor and entrepreneurs while serving the interests of the real estate investment industry through networking, education, support, leadership on legislative issues, and promoting professionalism and standards of excellence in our industry.

Our Vision

To be THE source for the independent real estate investment industry. Our key focus areas will be legislation, funding, membership, education, administration/governance, information/communication.

Core Purpose

To advance and protect the industry of real estate investing while helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs prosper and add value to their lives and their communities.

Core Values

Real estate is the safest, surest way to financial security

1. In the power of knowledge…and the importance of sharing it.

2. In professional and ethical business practices that set standards of excellence.

3. That the result of professional, ethical real estate investing and management positively contribute to communities and the economy.

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We Let You Learn
From The Experts

Networking Events

Harness the power of networking and lear-
ning with others on the path to success and
Generational Wealth.

Expert Guidance

Learn from experts, leaders and coaches
who have built successful businesses and
love to teach the path.

Vast Resources

With membership, you get access and bene-
fits such as providors, vendor discounts,
training, applications...and more.

Knowledge Sharing

Come ready to learn and to share - in REIAN-
YC we believe in the power of knowledge
and the importance of sharing it.


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