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Are We A Fit For You?

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We’re Not a Fit For Everyone!

While REIA NYC offers members a priceless opportunity to enhance their financial education through member-only programs and resources, we won’t work with everyone. We’re not a fit for you if:



  • You expect get-rich-quick secrets. Real estate investing is a long-term game and it takes time to see a positive ROI.
  • You lack investment funds and cash reserves. Our premier services are an investment intended for people who are financially able to implement what we teach.
  • You are looking for a cheap and easy buck. Our panel of experts provides the systems, framework and strategic guidance, but success depends on the willingness of the individual to do the work.
  • You aren’t willing to take an innovative approach… and if you insist on doing the same things and expecting different results.
  • You have a poverty mindset. We’re not a good fit if you’re easily influenced by unsuccessful people who insist that this approach doesn’t work… if you believe that success has a ceiling… and if you lack the boldness to jump on opportunities.
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