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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – The Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC (REIA NYC) is a leading real estate investment association that represents the interests of thousands of real estate investors and entrepreneurs within the New York City market. The organization was founded in 2009 with a focus on supporting its members to leverage real estate as a powerful vehicle to sustainable wealth and freedom.

The REIA NYC Community is an easy-to-use community-based platform that allows our Starter and Pro Members to build their ideal real estate business while simultaneously receiving the right knowledge, network & accountability to make it profitable and valuable.

Are you a national organization?

REIA NYC is a for-profit group and an official chapter of the National REIA, which is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association. Click to learn more.

Does REIA NYC have a blog?

Yes, and we invite members and non-members to browse the entries in the Real Estate Wealth Blog. Check it out here.

Does REIA NYC have a podcast?

For investors and entrepreneurs interested in receiving the latest in the marketplace buzz, REIA NYC invites them to visit the podcast by REIA NYC Founder Dr. Teresa R Martin’s podcast, The Fiscally Fabulous Business Podcast. Subscribe Today!

Can I be a sponsor at a REIA NYC event?

Businesses and service providers wanting to gain massive exposure and networking opportunities can become sponsors of a REIA NYC monthly meeting or wealth event. Click here for more information. For sponsorship questions, please call 646-437-6003.


How do I create a member account?

To become a member of REIA NYC, you may do so in person at any one of live monthly meetings. Or, join anytime by clicking on the Join at our main website and select your preferred membership level.


What is the membership fee?

For individual investor entrepreneurs, our annual membership fees vary by membership level. See Member Levels Here.

What are the membership categories?

REIA NYC offers various annual membership tiers:

  1. Core Member ($197 per year)
  2. Elite Member ($1,997 per year)
  3. Vendor Member ($1,000 per year)

What should I do to get the most out of my membership?

To get the most out of your membership, your participation is required!

1. Create Your Complete Member Profile (About Me, Pic, Contact, Licenses, Specialties, etc.) – This is the section to create your bragging rights!

2. Attend meetings! Each meeting commences with a market update, followed by practical information on how to succeed in real estate investing.

3. Create Content – This gives you a platform to share your unique content and connect with other community members who have similar interests.

4. Comment and Share Member Content – Members of our community can offer you a lot of insight and creates a feedback loop.

5. Participate in Forums – This gives you a place to offer value and generate discussions on relevant topics.

Take full advantage of our resources, including seminars, wealth events, workshops, training classes. Most seminars and events are free or deeply discounted for members based on your membership level.


Why should I attend meetings?

The meetings are designed to keep members and guests updated on local market conditions, offer proven wisdom and strategies on wealth building through real estate, and deals at our “Deal Or No Deal” segment. Virtually every aspect of real estate is represented among our members and they are happy to share their expertise to help you make the best decisions. Check Out the Meeting Calendar Here.

Can I attend a REIA NYC meeting if I’m not a member?

REIA NYC general monthly online meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of each month are open to members and guests at no cost. Other meetings, both online and in-person, vary depending on event. Register for our next upcoming meeting here.

When and where are the meetings?

Our main Monthly Membership Meetings occur on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6 PM (Eastern). Currently, since COVID-19 all our upcoming workshops, events, and courses are temporarily being conducted online.

More information on monthly meetings is available on our events calendar here.

Do I need to pre-register for meetings?

Yes, pre-registration is required.

Why is there not a free meeting?

Our online Main Monthly Membership Meetings on the 2nd Thursday as well as our WIBRE (women only) and MenTour (men only) focus groups are always free. However, our other meetings are reserved for our Pro Members as part of their membership.

We want to work with people who are serious about building wealth through real estate. We consider these meetings to be part of an investment and strategy to help you achieve your desired ROI, and not a pitch-fest where attendees are bombarded with people trying to sell them something.

I’m just getting started and have no experience. Will I “fit in” at the meeting?

Many of our members have little or no experience. They are here to learn from REIA NYC’s more seasoned members and experts who are delighted to share their knowledge and advice. Surprisingly, while real estate is a competitive market, many entrepreneurs are focused on investing in the community; this is a win-win for everyone that invites support and perhaps even partnership from our member network!

What do I need to bring to a REIA NYC meeting?

Bring an open mind, a desire to learn, deals to share, and digital business cards.

What other expenses am I expected to pay?

REIA NYC isn’t selling anything! Members aren’t generally expected to pay any expenses outside their membership fees to REIA NYC. However, members do receive significant discounts should there be seminars or other events that are not free.


Does REIA NYC offer coaching?

For new investors wanting personalized coaching on building wealth through real estate, Generational Wealth Zone LLC – our parent coaching and consulting company – offers coaching through its Enjoy Your Legacy real estate and business credit coaching programs. Learn More Here

Do I have to be a REIA NYC member to purchase coaching?

No. While coaching is open to members and non-members, members receive exclusive pricing. If you have questions or would like more information, please email Renee Moore at or visit the website here.


I’m a REIA NYC member and I cannot log in to my account.

For trouble logging into your membership account or any other concerns or questions about your membership, please call us at 646-437-6003 or email us at