What is the Game Plan?

We have opened our schedule to a handful of individuals at any given time to personally mentor and coach them. In our experience, it is literally impossible to achieve or create sustainable long-term results, in business, relationships, spirituality or personal fulfillment without someone in your life to hold you accountable. Mentors can be friends, strangers, men, women, business people, employees, etc. You need someone that can hold your “feet to the fire” to ensure that you are making the personal strides necessary to achieve your designed goals.

To set up a Game Plan Strategy Session, fill out the form below for this life changing call. It is totally FREE and it is simply giving you all the options so you can make an educated guess on what to do next in your real estate and business life. This will be a personalized strategy call with a Wealth Zone Legacy Coach. Together, you will discuss the options you uncovered and how to get you creating a residual freedom dollars within the next 5 years using a system that has now helped our clients become financial free.

As great as our programs & services sound, it is not for just anybody. Before a prospective member can work with our team they will be required to go through a private 1-on-1 consultation that will determine whether our programs would be a good fit.

In other words, every prospective member will know in advance what his/her potential with REIA NYC or our affiliate partners would be before becoming a member.

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