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Do you want to get familiar with real estate investments? Perhaps, are you a newcomer to the world of New York real estate investing? On the other hand, do you want to know how and where to start when you enter the world of New York real estate investments? Here at REIA NYC, all your confusions will be clear up because we offer a program that is perfectly made for individuals who are still fresh in the field of real estate investment. REIA NYC offers a Jumpstart Program that every newbie member can access which will serve as their eye-opener in the world of property investments.

The Jumpstart Program provided by REIA NYC is catered to help the newcomers of real estate investing and for the people who are already real estate pros. We offer two paths where investors can choose their own roadmap based on their desired needs and expectations.


When you choose the path for New Investors, we will help you overcome the struggles that you may be facing when you start your business or your real estate investing career. In addition, we will help you by providing you success planning sessions and real estate investment courses where you will be able to understand the foundation of real estate investments and help in achieving your objectives. In the program, you will make your own personalized plan to help you become successful by making use of the information and tools that we provide.

REIA NYC will also provide help to new investors by giving tips on how to build teams, leverage your real estate investor association members, how to save money and how to control all your costs effectively. REIA NYC members, on average, save over $1000 per year each through our expansive relationships.

Since new investors are not yet familiar with real estate, REIA NYC will give information about the market conditions and trends to guide you on your journey.

REIA NYC Support for New Investors


Building Your Team

Controlling Your Cost & Saving Money


At REIA NYC, we do not only offer our Jumpstart Program to newbie investors but we also give importance to the experienced investors even though they already have built a large portfolio. As an experienced investor, you can expect that we will help you when it comes to operating your budget, building solid lines of credit and funding sources, leveraging the real estate investor meetings by offering your products and services and how to save money and will provide new information about the market.

REIA NYC will not only help you with the above but we will also be behind your back to guide you on how you can develop the team and make them take part in the real estate investment group. We will also provide you the two things that an experienced investor must do so that you can become successful, insurance and asset protection. In addition, we will educate you on the new techniques and the ways to apply them with your present investments.

REIA NYC Support for Experienced Investors

Continuing Education

Improving Your Team

Controlling Your Cost & Saving Money

Insurance & Asset Protection Resources

Business Credit and Funding Tools


If you think that REIA NYC only gives help to its members, you are wrong because we also provide help to non-members. We certainly help everyone when it comes to real estate investing and business ownership, which means you may be a new investor, experienced investor, or non-member, we guarantee that you will receive the help that you need from REIA NYC.

Of course, we can help you more if you are an REIA NYC member, but there are several things you can do as a non-member.

Steps for Non-Members

  1. You may attend REIA NYC meetings as a guest. There is a reasonable guest fee.
  2. You may meet REIA NYC Business and Education Partners during our Monthly Meetings. This will give you access to exceptional product and service providers that the best real estate investors use.
  3. Network at our Monthly Meetings is incomparable. As a non-member, you may take full advantage of this opportunity.
  4. Enjoy our Blog of interesting articles by industry experts.
  5. The best way we can help you is to convince you to become a member. Our benefits are extensive. Our average member receives about $1000 in annual rebates from The Home Depot. Discounts on education and services/products from our Business and Education Partners ensure your savings are huge. Every REIA NYC member should receive many times their annual dues back just through our rebates and discounts. Being an REIA NYC member makes you money.
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