A beneficiary of nonprofit programs throughout her formative years, Daniella Fairbairn is an advocate for community well-being. A Healthcare Manager by day, Daniella is a part time Housing Provider with

property in the Florida market. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, with a concentration in Urban Health Administration, and participates as a Coach in the Enjoy Your Legacy Coaching program.

Her drive for excellence is evident in her community involvement and REIA NYC membership, in which she serves as a member of the Advisory Council and Team Leader of the A-Team within REIA NYC. In 2013 & 2014, members of the A-Team won several REIA NYC awards, including 2013 Investor of the Year.

Daniella is a published author and seminar presenter.

Real Estate Area(s): Buy & Hold

Other Area(s): Communications, Customer Service Trainings