Becoming a real estate investor is more than just buying a property. There are a lot of variables that are key to whether you become a success. Or not. Or worse, to just tread water until you

finally become frustrated and quit all together.

Having started down the road to real estate investing in the Spring of 2006, Paul experienced the joy of the acquisition, the lows of the housing crash, and the frustration of plans exceeding the bank account.

Paul Bodley: Co-Founder/P&P Realty Developments, LLC (, a family owned company headquartered in Westchester County, New York. The company has grown to include a single-family property portfolio in Central and Western New York, with plans to expand into South Carolina, Indiana, Kansas and Pittsburgh, PA.

Paul worked in the publishing industry for over 25 years and has studied various real estate techniques under the direction of a variety of industry leaders, including but not limited to, Robert Allen, Dave Lindahl (Commercial Real Estate and multi-families), Jeff Adams (REO and Foreclosures), Than Merrill of Fortune Builders (Rehab), Cameron Dunlap and Preston Ely (Wholesaling), and many more.

Being an Advisory Council Member with REIA NYC has allowed him to share his experience as an upstate, out of town landlord with fellow investors who want to walk down that path, and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes he’s made along the journey.

In his role as Legislative Chair of REIA NYC, he updates the membership on various laws and rules that can impact the way we (real estate investors) conduct business. In a geeky way, it’s a match made in heaven!

As REIA NYC begins to evolve and grow, so will the role that The Legislative Committee plays in understanding the complex rules of the game.  Using our combined clout insures the rules help, and not hinder our journey to success. I am happy to lead REIA NYC’s crusade in this important fight.

Real Estate Area(s): Buy & Hold, Rehab, Fix and Flip, Lease Options

Investing Area(s): Notes

Email: [email protected]