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95% of Real Estate Investors Fail Miserably…Don’t Join Them!

Discover The Easiest And Smartest Way To Generate Bigger Profits From Real Estate Investments, With Minimal Losses

Membership – Get Ready To Kick Start Your Real Estate Investment
Journey On A Whole New Level
Strictly For Serious-Minded People!!!

Dear Investor and Entrepreneur,

If you choose to neglect any word on this page you stand the risk of becoming one of those frustrated and angry type kind of investor.

But don’t worry; I won’t misuse your time. I know you’ve probably been asking yourself these questions…

  • Why haven’t I closed a single deal?
  • Why is real estate investing so darn difficult?

Well, you have every right to ask. But I’ve got one important question for you.

Do you want to become part of the 5% of investors that actually make real cash from real estate investment deals?

I bet your answer is a resounding YES!!!

real estate education solutions New York, NY
real estate education solutions New York, NY

I’ve got a solution to help you get more of what you need!

I know you’ve been deceived in the past by business false profits and so-called “gurus” that portray real estate investing as simple and easy.

They unveil unrealistic strategies and techniques to making millions in no time, just by working only 2 hours a month.Well, I’m sorry to say this…But that information is simply crap and misleading!!!The real estate journey isn’t as simple as reading a book and making offers. It goes far beyond that.

And guess what?

Even the so-called guru’s know this…But they won’t tell you… Why?
Because, they want your money too. They sit in their homes and craft incomplete products on how to become a successful real estate investor in no time. In the end, thousands of people get caught within their web, spend their hard-earned cash and still FAIL.

Well, Here’s The Deal
I Don’t Want You To Suffer Yet Another Setback. I Understand How Discouraging That Could Be.

But of course, no man/woman is an island.

They are just a few individuals who accomplish great things all on their own…And I bet, you are not one of them.

That’s why I am giving you an opportunity to join a community, where you can draw all the support, assistance and experience required to achieve your real estate and entrepreneurial dreams and objectives…


REIA NYC Mastermind & Training

REIA NYC, An Official New York Chapter of National REIA, is a community that wants to support your success; providing a platform where members can share their successes and their challenges.

This is a community where like-minded individuals who dream similar dreams come together to uphold their individual goals. A group of people who relate to each other and inspire each other to keep going… and to keep growing!

Over the past 10 years, the REIA NYC community has grown, and its leaders and members have become more focused and comprehensive than ever. Long-term veteran members who know what it takes to succeed, share their successes and most importantly, their mistakes.

So be rest assured that those who have gone before you have cleared the path of financial growth for you to follow.

Take a Look at Some Benefits You Stand To Gain When You Subscribe To REIA NYC Community

  • We’ll teach you where to invest
  • We’ll teach you how to identify a good purchase
  • We’ll give you a checklist
  • We’ll teach you how to invest by the numbers
  • We’ll help you build a real team

OK! How Much Would It Cost To Join This Amazing Community?

Well, the REIA NYC membership is an investment just like real estate itself or any other investment you can think of.

Our active Members recoup their membership costs in a variety of ways as they learn, purchase, manage, and sell. In fact, REIA NYC membership is capable of paying for itself over and over, delivering returns far in excess of its cost.

But don’t worry…
We have made it as affordable as possible so that everyone can become part of this amazing community.


$ 1000

Per Year
  • Member Referrals
  • Website Listing
  • Mobile App Directory Listing
  • Podcast Interview – 1x
  • 1 Slide Presented – 2x
  • Newsletter Article of Ad – 2x
  • Conference /Trade Show Table Discount
  • Panel and Education Opportunities (Based on Availability)
Join Now


$ 497

Per Year
  • Includes All Basic Features plus:
  • Access to REIA National and Local Benefits & Discounts
  • Subgroup and Focus Group Meetings
  • Quarterly Personal Coaching Session (30-Min)
  • Monthly RealTalk Online Coaching Clinic
  • Virtual Monthly Chapter Meeting Access
  • Live Chapter Meeting Discount
  • National Professional Housing Provider (PHP) Courses
  • Jumpstart Orientation
  • Preferred Rates to Third Party Programs and Events
  • 20% Ambassador / Referral Program
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$ 1997

Per Year
  • Includes All CORE Features plus:
  • Quarterly Group Mastermind
  • Unlimited 1:1 15-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Newsletter and Article Contribution
  • Free Ticket to Awards Program
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$ 0

(14-Day Trial Membership)
  • Post and Comment on Forums Only
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