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Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy – Now more than ever, it is critical for Real Estate Investors across America to come together and speak with one voice about the support and stability that a sound real estate market provides for communities across the country. From your local city governments to state legislators to Washington D.C., the officials we put in office are impacting our lives, our businesses and the people who benefit from our housing activities. Through the support of Real Estate Investors like YOU, REIA NYC works to represent your interests.

REIA NYC encourages its members to become involved in civic life, to become knowledgeable about issues impacting their businesses and the real estate market, and to support initiatives that promote and ensure a healthy and sustainable real estate market. There are several ways to become an educated and involved Real Estate Investor.

There are numerous paths to becoming a savvy, educated, and involved Real Estate Investor. Whether it’s attending town hall meetings where you can hobnob with local policymakers or participating in REIA NYC events where you can network with fellow real estate aficionados, the opportunities are as plentiful as properties in a bustling real estate market. Join committees, participate in advocacy efforts, or simply share your knowledge and experiences with peers. Every step you take not only enhances your understanding but also contributes to a stronger, more vibrant real estate community.

So, strap on your real estate superhero cape, and let’s make the world of real estate a better place, one property at a time!

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