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REIA NYC believes that wealth is the only way to achieve true financial liberation. The route to financial empowerment involves four fundamentals: Creating, Managing, Protecting and Growing. We call this your Wealth Blueprint and the REIA NYC Memberships & Programs are your path to achievement.

Whether you are interested in real estate, business ownership or personal development, our programs are geared to your success.




You’ll learn multiple ways to create wealth based directly on your resources and capabilities. You’ll even learn ways to create wealth if you currently have no resources.




There’s little value in earning money if you don’t know how to look after it. In our programs, you’ll learn how to manage your new wealth creatively, effectively, and safely.




Wealth begets wealth, but only when you know how to make it happen. As a REIA NYC member, you’ll learn the secrets of consistent, exponential growth of the wealth you create.




With the tremendous discount health benefits and wealth protection benefits,
protecting your wealth is that much easier.

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