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REIA NYC Investor Resources

Our goal is to take the stress of these important tasks so you can focus on your real estate business.


Investor Resources is the only marketing management team to combine technology, industry experience and innovation to give investor and small real estate business owners first-class business operations.


Our team of experienced marketing management specialists provides the right skills for the job at hand – from newsletters and emails to website and database management, to vendors and accounting, strategic planning and event management.


Whether small or large, we offer scalable solutions for a broad a range of needs. You can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Online Business Academy is designed to help you generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than you’ve ever made before in your business. This program is the equivalent to earning an online MBA in Business.

America’s Best: Comprehensive Online Estate Plan. Fully customizable, attorney drafted plan at your fingertips. No waiting, no travel, no big lawyer bills!

A Do-It-Yourself Solution to Increase Your Score Fast!

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