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I became a member of REIA NYC, Dr. Teresa Martin’s real estate, mastermind and training association, this past January and because of Dr. Martin and I am convinced that I have joined the best Real Estate Investment group in New York. Teresa is relentless in providing her time and energy to produce thorough and informative meeting agendas. I have been extremely impressed at the level of organization she possesses to flawlessly execute well run meetings and events. Teresa is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she selflessly provides her time to give coaching to new members through the new member orientation and follow-up one on one sessions to get members moving in the right direction. The most admirable thing about Teresa is that she is so dedicated to ensuring that partners and other service providers that come to REIA NYC are well vetted, while at the same time providing the knowledge for members to make informed decisions. When I was making a significant time sensitive decision, Teresa was there at a moment’s notice to give me information so that I could make a well informed decision. This level of dedication is invaluable to me as a member and has facilitated my ability to do business. She takes personal accountability and really made me feel like I have joined a family. I always learn something new about real estate investing and wealth building when I speak to Teresa or have the opportunity to hear her speak. She also encourages us to network with each other and expand the number of people we know and look for opportunities. I will continue to highly recommend REIA NYC to others because of Teresa. I already have recommended Teresa and the organization to everyone who asks me about real estate investment or wealth building.

Sonya RocvilBerry Rocvil Enterprises, LLC

My wife and would have to say that Dr. Teresa Martin conducts her business with integrity, passion and with a mission at heart: to make others successful in real estate investing. One can see that it is not about herself but about making sure that her members are successful by being proactive, focused and educated. What she has done for my wife and I (and for the association as a whole) is expose us to many different real estate investment strategies. In addition, she has made us be aware of creating and the value of "generational wealth." Because Dr. Martin dedicated a Saturday to educate, empower and enlighten all of us who partook in this overseen and very important topic, she has encouraged my wife and I in planning better for our future and that of our family. We would and have recommended others to join the REIA NYC, and have thanked Dr. Martin many of times for her work in providing us meaningful, appropriate, useful and well related topics to help us be successful as Real Estate Professionals and Investors. THANK YOU!

Johnson Oropeza263-265 Weirfield Street LLC

Dr. Attorney Teresa Martin has provided the professional insight, encouragement & support that I have been looking for in a coach. Actually she had provided much more than I expected. Her hands on approach & understanding has enabled me to move pass my personal fears limitations. Without her support I don't think that would have gotten to the stage that I have in my business. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their company moves to the next stage or if they are just starting out as I am to seek out her professional guidance.

Jacqueline McKinnonHuffman Properties Inc.

Dr. Attorney Teresa Martin is truly a visionary. I recall my first REIA NYC meeting as if it were yesterday. She captivated the room on instant and made me a believer! Who knew real estate could be the key to generational wealth? I look forward to comfortable living and enabling my family to do just the same.

Daniella FairbairnHumble Abode Properties, LLC

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