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In this time of crisis, we must be thankful for what we have, we should help each other, and we must listen to the CDC guidelines to beat the virus and get back to normal life sooner than later.


Here are some great links and information we’ve gathered to share with you and your loved ones. Feel free to share resources with us so that we can share to the entire community.


Good News – Tips and resources for financial assistance:


As you already know, social distancing is the best way to avoid transmission, but we know people have to go grocery shopping, pharmacy, etc. It is important to disinfect all grocery as such:

  • Cold containers that need to go into the fridge can easily be washed with soap and water for at least 30 seconds on all surfaces.
  • All plastic bags to be thrown away outside
  • Fruit and vegetables can be washed in room temperature salt-water. Ideally leave it in salt-water for as long as possible since the saltwater can disrupt the virus structure. You can always rinse off the fruits with plain water later to wash away the salty taste.
  • Anything like bread and other food like cookies which cannot be washed nor soaked, warm it up in toaster, oven or microwave to kill the viruses before consumption.
  • You touch several items before eating so be sure to wash hands with soap and water after you set up your table but before you start eating.
  • Use hand lotions to avoid dry skin from washing all day long. My hands were really dry and worn out so I had to put some lotion and put on gloves all night so the lotion stays on. It worked well!
  • Do not walk inside with shoes and disinfect all surfaces where you keep shoes and elsewhere.
  • Finally disinfect all mail and packages before bringing into home. This may not be an easy task to spray mail so I think blow drying the mail will kill the virus from the heat if you make sure to heat all surfaces! Another option is to leave the mail and packages in a secured place no one touches for 7+ days before you open them because by then the viruses die out on their own if they are not inside a living organism.
  • Remember heat and soap and salt, vinegar are easy non-toxic defenses against the virus.
  • Also, Betadine from pharmacy if you can find one is great antiseptic normally used for cuts.
  • NYC Doctor – great information and positive https://vimeo.com/399733860


We must remain positive and take this as an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and our goals. We have the opportunity to learn as much as we can, take online courses, be as creative as we can and not only beat this virus but come out of this much more educated, stronger, smarter and far more powerful than before. This way we can all contribute more to our current careers, teams and businesses.


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There is an upside in everything even the most devastating issues and we must see the cup half full not half empty. Together we can come out of this stronger and better than before.


Stay home, stay safe and healthy!
Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., Founder & Counsel

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