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Programs and Focus Groups

Programs – REIA NYC is more than just a Meetup: We provide credible, valuable investing information and a community of serious investors to help you meet your legacy and financial goals!

The advantages of membership in REIA NYC for real estate entrepreneurs and investors are many. As our membership grows, we will continue to enhance current services and add new services based on input from the membership and our Advisory committee. Remember, we are here for you!

Main Monthly Meeting

Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association (REIA NYC) main monthly meetings is open to the public and caters to many investor interests and experience levels. Our meetings seek to guide and expose our investors and entrepreneurs to the various topics within the investment industry and the legislative pitfalls that may accompany each.

Education Classes and Seminars

Increasing your knowledge and improving your skills will make you a more success real estate entrepreneur. We currently offer 40 classes and many workshops through our education providers in foreclosure, and more.

Community Programs

REIA NYC will involve the association, its members and the broader real estate investing community in worthwhile community programs or projects that: 1) Delivers a valuable service to the community, 2) Creates a “sense of community” within REIA NYC, 3) Provides value to our members that participate, and 4) Promotes REIA NYC’s positive vision and mission

Jumpstart NEW Member Orientation

REIA NYC’s Jumpstart New Member Orientation (NMO) is for NEW REIA NYC Basic & Core Members Only. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce new members to REIA NYC and to show them how they can get actively involved in our organization and get the most benefit out of their membership.

RealTalk Online Coaching Clinic

These sessions are dedicated to strategic focused steps to create six-figures in real estate 12 months or less. You will discover how to: 1) Demystify investing, 2) Take control of your money, instead of letting money control you, 3) The key question to set and achieve your financial goals, and 4) Leave feeling empowered, knowing the next steps you need to take.

Tax Lien Focus Group

This group is for anyone interested or actively investing in Tax Lien Deeds or Tax Lien Certificates. Meetings discuss new innovations, strategies, techniques and build a huge support team for our tax lien niche investing!

Mortgage Note Buyers Focus Group

Meetings guide you through the process of becoming a successful note investor which includes exploration multiple lucrative strategies including non-performing notes, performing notes, creating your own paper, and forming joint venture partnerships. This group also reviews inventory and access to the coveted trade desk. It is our personal mission to ensure you buy a note, so this is only for investors who are ready to take action!

Marketing & Technology Focus Group

Our real estate entrepreneurs share best practices to help improve their individual divisions within their organization or transform core processes across their business with a focus on automation and online applications to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Low Cost – High Exposure – Marketing
Our educational & networking events attract real estate professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs nationwide. This is an excellent opportunity to share your products and services with seasoned real estate entrepreneurs and investors.