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Ionos by 1&1

IONOS is the hosting and cloud partner of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. They provide the following Online Marketing:

IONOS, known for its hosting and cloud solutions, also stands out in the field of online marketing. They focus on helping businesses increase their online presence and customer reach. Let's break down their main services:

Local Business Listing: This service is essential for businesses aiming to boost their local presence. By ensuring your business is accurately listed on various online directories, IONOS helps improve your visibility. This is particularly useful for consumers searching for services or products in their area. It's not just about being on the list; it's about being easily found and accurately represented, enhancing the chance of attracting local clientele.
Google Ads Management Service: Venturing into Google Ads can be daunting for many business owners. IONOS steps in to simplify this process. They provide expertise in setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns. This service is designed to help businesses reach a wider audience online, specifically those actively searching for related products or services. The benefit here is tapping into IONOS's expertise to optimize ad spend and maximize return on investment.
Search Engine Optimization Tool: Ranking higher in search engine results is a goal for many businesses, and IONOS offers a tool to aid in this endeavor. Their SEO tool, often referred to as rankingCoach, guides businesses through the complex world of SEO. It helps identify key areas for improvement on your website, suggests relevant keywords, and tracks your progress over time. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to improve their organic search presence without the need for extensive technical knowledge.